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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 English Subbed


Watch “Dragon Ball Super Episode 114” “Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!” English Subbed and you can also download Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 in High Quality for free. With our website, you can watch all Dragon Ball Super Episodes in High Quality all the Subbed and English Dubbed Versions are available. The “Dragon Ball Super” is based on the events about main Protagonist Goku after defeating Majin Boo.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 English Subbed is Here!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Information

  • Title: “Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!”
  • Release Date: November 4, 2017
  • Duration: 21:29
  • Season & Saga: Season 5: Universe Survival
  • English Dubbed Release Date: TBA
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Spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super Epsidoe 114”

In the exciting Tournament of Power, most of the fighters have already got eliminated and only a few elite warriors are left which are trying to save their universes from getting destroyed. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 is titled, “Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior”. The fans are already way too much excited about this episode as the last few episodes have been filled a lot of cool actions and twists.

In the last episode of Dragon ball Super, the fans saw the battle between Son Goku from universe 7 against Saiyans of universe 6, Caulifla and Kale. At the end of the episode god of destruction of universe 6, Champa decides to teach the two Saiyan warriors a secret plan. Well, it is pretty obvious that if in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 there is going to be a birth of a new warrior, then Champa’s secret plan is to teach Caulifla and Kale the technique of fusion. Hence the new warrior in Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 which is going to fight against Goku will be the fusion of Kale and Caulifla.

Caulifla and Kale will fuse together to be called ‘Kefura’ in Japanese and Kafla in English. In Japan, Caulifla is pronounced as ‘Karifura’ while Kale is pronounced as ‘Keru’ and hence their fusion – Caulifla x Kale will be called Kefura. Even though Goku is trying to help the Saiyan warriors of universe 6 to become more powerful, it is a possibility that Goku teaches them the fusion dance to fuse together become Kafla. But as Champa’s secret plan has something to do with it, hence there is a very high possibility that this fusion will be practiced through the Potara Earrings. As Gods of Destructions wear Potara earrings, Champa will be wearing a pair and he will give them to the two warriors of his universe.

As the name of episode 115 of the series is “GokuvsKafla”, it can be assumed that Caulifla and Kale will be able to maintain their fusion form, Kafla for a very long time. Even though Goku has a lot experience with fusion forms and how to handle them in a fight but Kafla will deal a much greater amount of damage to Goku than before as Goku has still not recovered completely from his fight with Jiren.

If the warriors from universe 6 will not be able to maintain their fusion form, there is a high possibility that they will get eliminated from the tournament. Elimination of Caulifla and Kale will lead universe 6 to a much greater disadvantage. After their strongest fighter, Hit got eliminated from the tournament they have been considered as a weak universe, and if Cualifla and Kale also get eliminated then there will be very high chances that universe 6 will be the next universe to be destroyed in the tournament of power.

A few sources suggest that the Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 will be more about Kale trying to push herself to become even more powerful, maybe even transforming herself into Super Saiyan level 3. The first part of the episode will be more concerned with Kale trying to help her sister and getting a hold on her true powers. While the episode will move forward with Champa teaching them about the fusion and the secret to Potara earrings. The episode will end with the rise of the new warrior, Kafla, in the Tournament of Power.

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 on Sunday, 5th November.