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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 English Subbed


Watch “Dragon Ball Super Episode 121” ““All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge v Universe 7’s Full Scale Attack!!” DB English Subbed and you can also download “Dragon Ball Super Episode 121” in High Quality for free.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 Information

  • Title: “All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge v Universe 7’s Full Scale Attack!!”
  • Release Date: December 17, 2017
  • Duration: 21:29
  • Season & Saga: Season 5: Universe Survival
  • English Dubbed Release Date: TBA
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Spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super Episode 121”

The title of the upcoming episode of the Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 is, “All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge v Universe 7’s Full Scale Attack!!” The title of the episode 121 itself suggests that something big is going to happen in the coming episode. In this episode we are going to see almost all of the warriors of the Universe 7 in action, trying to win against Universe 3 except Frieza. I strongly doubt that he will have any participation in the team effort to win against any warrior.

Last we saw Dragonball Super, Gohan was fighting the three robot warriors of the Universe 3 in order to give some time to Goku and Vegeta to save their energies for the final moments of the tournament. But to his surprise, the three robots merge into becoming a giant robot known as Koichiarator. Gohan alone was not able to take him head on and hence Goku and Vegeta stepped up just to distract him while Gohan defeated him with a powerful blast of energy.

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 after their robots getting defeated, Paparoni will unleash his trump card that is Anizara. Anizara is considered to be one of the strongest and fierce warriors in the Tournament of Power. She will team up with the three robots, Panchia, Koitsukai and Bollarator and fight against the Universe 7. This is going to be a tough fight for the Universe 7 as most of their warriors are already exhausted due to their recent fights and they were the one involved in the destruction of most of the universes in the tournament.

The fight will be dominated by the warriors of the Universe 3, Anizara and the three robots. And hence all of the fighters from the Universe 7 will try to take them on with a team effort. But as Universe 7 has more fighters in number still remaining in the tournament to fight, the course of the fight will shift in the favor of Universe 7. Most of the fans believe that Frieza will have no participation in this fight whatsoever and he will maintain his position of being a spectator as before. “Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 121”

The episode will not end just here, many fans have speculated that this may be the correct time when Universe 7 will lose another of their fighter from the tournament. From the moment the tournament has been started, the Universe 7 has lost least number of fighter and they have been the one dominating the tournament from the start. Although Jiren may be the most powerful warrior in the tournament, Universe 7 has defeated the most number of warriors. And this is why they need to lose one or more warriors before the final moments of the tournaments.

It also has been rumored that after the Universe 7 will be done with defeating Universe 3, Vegeta will step forward to challenge head-on by himself. This will shock everyone present in the tournament. But as we know Vegeta, all matters to him is his “Saiyan pride”. Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday on Fuji TV Japan. “Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 121” here on Sunday, 23rd December If you are unable to watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 “All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge v Universe 7’s Full Scale Attack!!”, then kindly comment on the section below or contact us and we will do the best to get back the full on entertainment.