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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 English Subbed


Watch “Dragon Ball Super Episode 107” “Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap?!” English Subbed and you can also download “Dragon Ball Super Episode 107” in High Quality for free.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 Information

  • Title: “Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap?!”
  • Release Date: September 17, 2017
  • Duration: 23:22
  • Season & Saga: Five & Universe Survival Saga
  • English Dubbed Release Date: TBA


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Spoilers and Updates for “Dragon Ball Super Episode 107”

It is been more than 30 episodes since the ‘Universe Survival Saga’ has begun. The saga initially started as a recreational tournament between all the twelve universes but later the gods revealed that it is much more than that. Dragon Ball is a series set up originally by Akira Toriyama in the light novel series and it had been adapted into various iterations and series. Dragon Ball Super series takes place just after the events of Dragon Ball Z, creating a new timeline for events which excludes all the events which took place in the Dragon Ball GT series.

Spoilers for the Dragon Ball SuperEpisode 107

There are now less than half the participants left in the Tournament of Power. The story from this point will be more focusing on the characters which have not been highlighted before. On of such character will be a showcase in the next episode. “Dragon Ball Super Episode 107”  is going to be an interesting one as in this episode Frost will come in the arena. Frost is one of the Ice-Jins, the race to which Frieza belongs. It is rumored that Frost is the alternate counterpart of Frieza from the Universe 6 and being an Ice-Jin, Frost is already considered as a powerful fighter. Since the moment he was first sighted in the tournament, most of the audiences are pretty excited about the Frost. All we know about Frost is that he is a criminal from the Universe 6 and he is fighting as if he is able to win his crimes will pardon under the laws of his universe and he will be given financial help to start his business again.

From the teaser of the Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 , it is certain that Frost will target Universe 7’s fighters and will try to eliminate them first. He starts his game plan with targeting Master Roshi. It seems to be the most intelligent move as Master Roshi is already in the state of fatigue and was pushed to the brink of death in his previous tournament match. If Roshi is pulled in the battle it is very certain that he will be the one to fall. Frost is one of the top contenders for their team and even Frieza have spoken highly of him, it is very unlikely that Master Roshi will stand a chance against him in his current state. Even though Master Roshi is more powerful of every other being of Universe 6 but in his current state the only powerful enough move under his sleeves is Mafuba. If he tries to use it, and even if he is successful he will die of fatigue.

In the 107th episode, when Frost will attack Master Rishi, he will be accompanied by the super Mecha, Magetta. Magetta will probably try to neutralize the decoy move of the Master Roshi and will let Frost take care of him. This may be the Frost’s plan to lure out another of the Earth’s fighter into the match to defend Master Roshi and eliminate two of the fighters in one go. A possibility is that Frieza will step up willingly in the “Dragon Ball Super Episode 107”  to fight against Frost and Magetta when he will see Master Roshi getting beaten up. It will not be due to getting merciful towards Master Roshi but because of he will want to fight against his own counterpart from another universe to know his own limits. But this seems highly unlikely as it is known that Frieza will be teaming up with Gohan in the very next fight of the tournament. Then the fans will get to know the true intentions of Frieza that if he will betray the Team of Universe 7 or not.

Yet another possibility is that Vegeta will be the one to help Master Roshi in the fight. The fans know that after the friendly fight in the tournament between Universe 6 and 7 Megetta is revengeful to the Saiyan Prince Vegeta as he knocked him out then. Maybe, Megetta and Frist will try to lure out Vegeta and then help each other to eliminate both of them. But this seems very as Vegeta is under a curse after his last match but it is the most probable situation for the Dragon Ball Super episode 107.

A brief recap of the events

Dragon Ball Super starts four years after the defeat of Kid Buu in the Dragon Ball Z. Everything on the Earth seemed to calm and peaceful until the Beerus, a powerful being also known as the god of destruction come to Earth seeking for a worthy opponent in the form of Super Saiyan God. As Goku gets to know about this, he collects all the Dragon Balls and summons Shenron the dragon to learn about Super Saiyan God and the ritual to achieve it. After Beerus defeats Goku and his Super Saiyan Blue form he takes Goku and Vegeta with him and Whiz to train for a year.

Later, using Dragon Balls Frieza is revived by two of his army’s remnants. Now he seeks revenge from Goku and gathers forces to fight in a fierce battle. Frieza attains yet another new transformation and becomes Golden Frieza but is still defeated by Goku. After a few occasions, a tournament between the best fighters of Universe 6 and 7 is organized which is won by Goku and his fighters of the Universe 7. After the tournament is completed, Future Trunks shows up and alerts Goku and Vegeta about a new threat in the future, an enemy who is known as Goku Black and looks like him. Later it is revealed that Zamasu was infant Goku Black who took the body of Goku in a different timeline and went to future. Zamasu is completely erased from the timeline and then Zenou brings Goku and Vegeta back from the future.

Now, in the Universe Survival saga, the gods of the destruction of different universes organize another tournament which resembles much to the tournament between Universe 6 and 7. This tournament is between all the twelve universes and their best fighters represent their universes. Later, it is revealed that the tournament was set up to know which universes are least powerful and hence to destroy them. When the news broke to the participants that their universe will get destroyed upon their defeat, everyone gets panicked. The team from universe 7 includes Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, Android 17, Android 18, Piccolo, Tien, Master Roshi and Frieza.

Release of Dragon Ball Super episode 107

The “Dragon Ball Super Episode 107” will air on Sunday, 17th September at 9 a.m. (Japan Standard time).