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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 English Subbed


Watch “Dragon Ball Super Episode 108” “Frieza and Frost! Conjoined Malice?!” English Subbed and you can also download “Dragon Ball Super Episode 108” in High Quality for free.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Information

  • Title: “Frieza and Frost! Conjoined Malice?!”
  • Release Date: September 24, 2017
  • Duration: 23:22
  • Season & Saga: Five & Universe Survival Saga
  • English Dubbed Release Date: TBA

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Spoilers and Updates for “Dragon Ball Super Episode 108”

According to various sources, it is confirmed that the “Dragon Ball Super Episode 108” is going to feature the fight between Son Goku and Ribrianne of the Universe 2. They first encountered each other during the early commencement of the tournament. Throughout the tournament, Goku has shown enough valor to earn the respect of the God of Destruction of Universe 2, Helles. As Helles praises Goku, Ribrianne gets jealous of him and jump onto him in an assault. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 108

Elsewhere, Son Gohan will be shown struggling in a fight with Jimeze of Universe 2. He belongs to a race known as Yardat, the same race who trained Goku after his fight with Frieza on Namik and taught him Instant Transmission technique. Obviously, Jimezeuses his Instant Transmission to chase Gohan which makes it difficult for Gohan to escape him. Frieza will again contact Frost and offer him an alliance as they both have grudge against the race of Saiyans. Frieza will offer Frost to accompany him in defeating already struggling Gohan and then eventually using his help to kill Goku and Vegeta.

But there are theories flying through the air, which says that this alliance with the Frost will just be a tactic used by Frieza to make Frost his guard down and letting him give an open window to get attacked by Frieza. Which means that Frieza will actually not betray the team of the Universe 7 but will deceive Frost into thinking that Frieza is his ally and killing him the instant he loses his guard. Such an act of fraud and trick can be expected from Frieza but it will still be a lot surprising for the fans to see Frieza actually helping Goku and the team to win the tournament.

The “Dragon Ball Super Episode 108” can lead to any extremity. Either it will cause Gohan to fall against his enemy due to his upper hand in the speed or due to Frieza betraying the team. In any of the cases, it will cause Gohan to die or to get eliminated from the tournament. Or the Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 will end with Frieza deceiving Frost and ending up killing him and Gohan catching up to the speed of Jimeze and also defeating him. Gohan has ended up in a tight spot in “Dragon Ball Super Episode 108”.

Dragon Ball is a series set up originally by Akira Toriyama in the light novel series and it had been adapted into various iterations and series. Dragon Ball Super series takes place just after the events of Dragon Ball Z, creating a new timeline for events which excludes all the events which took place in the Dragon Ball GT series.Dragon Ball Super is going through the Universe Survival Saga, where the 12 universes of all of the world are forced to participate and compete in the martial arts tournament organized by Gods of Destruction.

Universe 1, 4, 8 and 12 are kept away from the tournament as their average mortal strength is considered to be way above the highest mortal strength of any other universes. Goku and his friends belong to universe 7, where Goku choose Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Krillin, Android 17, Android 18, Tien and Frieza in his team to fight in the tournament. Later it is revealed by the Gods of Destruction that the universe which will lose the competition will be destroyed and erased out of existence along with the several people living in them. Therefore this tournament has become a Universe Survival Tournament where Goku and his friends have to win to save their home universe and Earth from getting destroyed.

A brief recap of the events in the Universe Survival Saga

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Most of the participants have shown their talents in the tournament till now. Universe 9 has already been annihilated after their fight with Universe 7 fighters. They both were able to defeat five of the fighters from the Universe 9 while Android 18 and Frieza were each able to take on one fighter. Remaining members of the team of Universe 9 were defeated once Goku and Vegeta power up to Super Saiyan Ble. Frost and Frieza have shown to be working together in the tournament before but that was a brief moment. A team of the universe 7 has already warned Frieza not to betray them or else Goku and Vegeta are there to beat him up again. Android 17 and Android 18 are fighting the battles in the Tournament of Power without holding back due to their infinite stamina which is again due to their cyborg bodies.

Till now, everyone including Gohan, Master Roshi, Piccolo, and Krillin have shown their talents of fighting in the Tournament of Power. In the last episode, Master Roshi was targeted by Frost. Roshi was already breaking a sweat after is previous fights and was not even recovered completely. When Roshi is cornered by Frost and is on the verge of a defeat, Vegeta interfered the fight. But he was again stopped by Megetta. Then Megetta and Frost, both simultaneously attack Vegeta and were able to deceive Roshi into sealing Vegeta into a bottle. But Roshi uses the last of his ki to blast the bottle and release the Kraken. Vegeta was able to defeat Megetta after powering up to Super Saiyan Blue. Seeing this Frost backed off immediately.

Release of “Dragon Ball Super Episode 108”

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 every Sunday, therefore wait for the episode to be released on Sunday, 24th September. The Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 “Frieza and Frost! Conjoined Malice?!” will release on Fuji TV in Japan and on Toonami, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network for the English viewers of the series.