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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 English Subbed


Watch “Dragon Ball Super Episode 123” “Body and Soul, Full Power Release! Goku and Vegeta!!” DB English Subbed and you can also download “Dragon Ball Super Episode 123” in High Quality for free.


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Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Information

  • Title: “Body and Soul, Full Power Release! Goku and Vegeta!!”
  • Release Date: January 14, 2018
  • Duration: 21:29
  • Season & Saga: Season 5: Universe Survival
  • English Dubbed Release Date: TBA
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Spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super Episode 123”

The Tournament of Power is at its final moments with only two of the universes remaining in the tournament. Even though Jiren is the most powerful fighter in the tournament right now but it seems like if Goku and Vegeta will somehow manage to stay put in the tournament, they will be the clear winner of the tournament as the most number of eliminations are done by Goku and he is followed by Vegeta. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 123, it is rumored that Vegeta is going to rise to a new power level to challenge Jiren in a tough fight.

In the previous episode, Vegeta and Goku challenged Jiren to a duel where they were not able to deal much damage to him. He was clearly dominating them the entire time. Goku was able to distract him while Vegeta tried to eliminate him, this put Jiren into a tough position but he managed himself like the powers of Goku and Vegeta were nothing. At the end, Vegeta challenged Jiren to take one his hit head-on. Vegeta charged his Final Flash to full power and threw towards Jiren but again this also proved ineffective against Jiren. Then Jiren knocked Vegeta down with a lot of efforts.

The title of the “Dragon Ball Super Episode 123” is, “Full Power, Full Strength, Full Spirit! Goku and Vegeta!!” The title itself suggests that an epic battle is going to take place in the next episode. As Vegeta was already knocked down at the end of the last episode, maybe Goku will take the lead in the fight and allow Vegeta to take rest for a while. Goku will not be able to stand a chance against Jiren even in his Super Saiyan Blue form but will try to give Vegeta as much time to rest as he can. As we know using Ultra Instinct, again and again,n is not good for anyone and Goku has already used it two times continuously in the tournament.

As Jiren also commented on the powers of Vegeta and the fans are sure of his powers.The fight with Jiren is going to be totally dependent on Vegeta as Goku is exhausted from all the continuous fighting. It is rumored that once Vegeta will recover, Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 he will take the lead and will give a very hard time to Jiren. This fight will be very interesting as it is rumored that Vegeta will unlock a new form while fighting Jiren. And the rumor is that, in episode 126, Vegeta will surpass the powers of the Gods.

This new form of Vegeta is not going to be Ultra Instinct as that of Goku it will be something very different. This new form can be said as the level 2 of the Super Saiyan Blue form and hence it will surpass the powers of Gods. But even with this new power, it is not going to be easy for Vegeta to defeat Jiren but it may help him win the tournament Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 on 14th January 2018.